ANSTHRLD - Laurel roadshow

S Friedemann RandomSF at
Mon Jan 25 11:55:00 PST 1999

I wrote:
>>That's okay, Etienne, Modar has already passed on this news to me.  Yes, I
>>know patience is a virtue, and, yes, I can be very patient when I need to
>>be! :)
>That sounds misleading to my ears!!!!
>Etienne, I did the "Nanny nanny boo boo, I can't tell you" message that
>told me to do. I did NOT tell her about her submissions.  Don't let her
trick you
>into thinking otherwise.   <grin>  You know these kids today, no patience
at all.

Hey, now, Modar, that's not very nice!  I have been waiting patiently since
July of last year, do you really think that another month or so is going to
make me get antsy now?  In all honesty, it was other folks' submissions, not
mine that I wanted to know about!  (But that's just because if my device
can't be returned (it's already been registered to me, as a badge), and my
badge *shouldn't* get returned, I copied it right out of the PicDic). :)
This is nothing more than the perfect oppportunity to display what wonderful
patience I have.  (It's easy to be patient when there's nothing you can

>They'll use any trick to make you think they already know and have you
>spill the beans talking to them about it.  Yep, that's what she's
>doing.  <grin>

Darn it, you figured me out. :)

>And of course you always "hassle" the ones you love.   <grin>

Naw--Modar just likes to hassle anybody he can. :)


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