ANSTHRLD - Laurel roadshow

Ron Knight rknight at
Mon Jan 25 12:27:13 PST 1999

Aryanhwy wrote:

>Hey, now, Modar, that's not very nice!  I have been waiting patiently since
>July of last year, do you really think that another month or so is going to
>make me get antsy now?  

How do I know you've been patient?  I've only got your word on it.
And since Jae said to tell you "Patience is a virtue," what could we
assume, but that you're antsy?  The Laurel Queen of Arms would
lead astray would she?   <grin>

>In all honesty, it was other folks' submissions, not mine that I wanted 
>to know about!  

I realize this.  I just believe that Jae wants to review a couple of
decisions before they're finalized.

>(It's easy to be patient when there's nothing you can do...)

Too true.

>Darn it, you figured me out. :)

Yeah. Right.  <grin>

>Naw--Modar just likes to hassle anybody he can. :)

Now, you've got me figured out.  :)



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