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Teceangl tierna at
Sun Jan 31 15:00:26 PST 1999

> Hi..My name is Jennifer and Im just starting to get into heraldry and was
> wondering if anyone had any advice for a beginner? Im open to any
> suggestions.	

Suggestion #1:  Ask questions.  Ask lots of questions.  There are no stupid
  questions in heraldry, just stupid results.  :)
Suggestion #2:  Get to and start reading.  There's a
  lot to learn but it's not as daunting as you might think.
Suggestion #3:  Ask questions.  The more you learn, the more questions you
  should have.  The sophistication of your inquiries will increase alongside
  your knowledge of heraldry.
Suggestion #4:  DO.  Even if you're not quite certain how to apply a heraldic
  rule, try anyway.  If you think you're not too good at names research, do it
  anyhow.  Let others check your work, but you learn more by doing heraldry
  than you ever could be observation.
Suggestion #5:  Ask questions.  (Sense a theme here?)  Try a conflict check
  sometime then post your blazons and results here.  Ask for input.  We're 
  here because we want to help and asking for assistance is NEVER a bother.
  Ever.  Trust me.

- - Teceangl, pursuivant from An Tir here because I'm a heraldry junkie
- -- 
I tried sleep-teaching myself heraldry.  Didn't help me, but now my
cats sort their food so the red bits are on the white floor and the
yellow bits stay in the blue bowl.
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