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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Sun Jan 31 10:30:05 PST 1999

Hmm Advice for a begining herald. well I would sugest talking to your 
Local or regional heralds as well as trying to find the variety of 
heraldry classes given through out the kingdom. I know Westgate is 
puting on a Symposium in the Housten area the 20th of Feb. and there 
will also be a variety of heraldry classes At Northern Regional tribute 
to Ansteorra the Same Weekend. it is also the weekend of the 20th and is 
a bit north of Oklahoma city. but the best advice I could give is Have 
fun with it. If you don't mhave fun with it you can burn out on heraldry 
pretty fast.

>> >Hi..My name is Jennifer and Im just starting to get into heraldry 
and was
>> >wondering if anyone had any advice for a beginner? Im open to any
>> >suggestions.

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