ANSTHRLD - Re: Just starting out

Darin K. Herndon Obelisk at
Sun Jan 31 09:30:33 PST 1999

Joining in the "shameless plug" arena, the heralds for this kingdom have a
monthly newsletter named the "Ansteorran Gazette".  If you are interested
in name research or in arms/devices, I highly suggest getting a
subscription.  The Gazette publishes all submissions for each month and
contains the comments of heralds (along with kingdom decisions) for devices
from two Gazettes back.  Reading the commentary and comparing it to the
original submission is a wonderful learning tool.

Subscriptions are available by sending a check made out to "SCA Inc,
Kingdom of Ansteorra" to the Asterisk Herald (Kay Flury, PO Box 2247,
Houston, TX  77252-2247).  Yearly subscriptions are $12 ($1 per issue).
Since January has already been published, a check for $11 would get you on
the mailing for the remainder of the year.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Obelisk Herald
Branch Herald, Barony of Northkeep

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