ANSTHRLD - Re: Just starting out

Richard Threlkeld rjt at
Sun Jan 31 09:04:43 PST 1999

> >Hi..My name is Jennifer and Im just starting to get into heraldry and was
> >wondering if anyone had any advice for a beginner? Im open to any
> >suggestions.
> Welcome!!
> My best advice for a beginner?  Listen closely to everything that
> goes on on
> this list, and don't be afraid to ask questions!  The best way to learn is
> to listen to folks who know.
> There are also a couple of good web sites that can introduce you to
> heraldry; specifically, anything found off will be
> pretty useful!
> Good luck, and have fun!
> Aryanhwy
> Midrealm

You might also look at the list SCAHRLDS (I think it is accessible from
the site).  It is 100-200 messages per day of
mostly heraldry "stuff". If you can stand the mass of messages, it
will teach you a lot.


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