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Thu Jul 29 20:05:45 PDT 1999

I argued against it in the past, however I can summarize the
arguments.  The CHARGE has been ruled 'compatible with period
practice'.  The WORDS 'compass star' are the way the College of Arms has
chosen to refer to that charge, since we don't have a period term for
the charge.

   I should state that I am not opposed to passing charges that are
compatible with period practice, I opposed the registration on the
ground that a compass star is within artistic interpretation of a mullet
of eight points, since period mullets were sometimes drawn with points
of different sizes.  

  What signs or symbols were used to indicate North on a period map?? 
The North Wind?? The word North??  Did maps have to have an indicator
for North??    

Jodi McMaster wrote:
> This should stir the hornets.  I submitted "The House of the Compass
> Star" for a client.  Both words are documentable to period, but not as
> we use them.  The charge of a "Compass star" is a SCA invention.  It was
> returned at kingdom because the term is not period.
> I have a feeling the client is going to want to appeal--I can see the
> common sense argument of "How can you allow one but not the other?"
> So:     a) what would you tell the client if you were me? and
>         b) what's your opinion of the argument?
> AElfwyn
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