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>Is there somewhere a list of the various titled heraldic positions 
>(eclipse, zodiacus, etc.) in the Kingdom? I'm really interested in a list 
>that describes the job responsibilities, who has the job currently and how 
>to contact that person.

I'm not sure we have a list that explains all the job responsibilities.
Most of the responsibilities for a position are listed whenever that
position comes open.  Has anyone gathered a definitive list?

If not, here's the info for my position.  I've been Bordure Herald since

Required duties of this position are:
	1) Write any Letter of Intent, Letter of Correction, and Letter of
Response to Comment needed each month.  Send the entire batch to the
Mailing List for the College of Arms.  Assemble the Laurel packet for that
LoI and mail it to Laurel.  
	2) Notify submitters by real-mail of decisions made by Laurel regarding
their submissions.
	3) Archive "official documents" relating to this position (including
incoming and outgoing LoIs, LoCs, RtCs, etc.)

Optional duties of this position are:
	1) Write a Letter of Comment on submissions from other kingdoms. 

These are what I can think of at the moment.

>This info may be well known to really active heralds, but I'm not one of 
>them. And I bet there're others who don't have all this memorized either.

Don't worry.  Once you have it memorized, it will change.  :)

>If this list exists somewhere, can someone please direct me to it?

Most of the contact information for the people holding these positions are
listed in the back of the Black Star.  The regional heralds (Eclipse,
Twilight, etc.) are listed under their regions.  The rest of us are listed
under the area for deputy heralds.  Star is listed insided the front cover.  

But then most of us are on this list... :)

Hope this helps,


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