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Thanks for your help.

Thomas of Eynsham

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As to a list of people holding office check the May Gazette
or Black Star.

As to duties I will try this from memory.

Star Principal - Chief Kingdom herald - Great Officer of State.
Asterisk Herald - receives submissions and processes them
until the kingdom has ruled on them.
Bordure Herald - gets submissions from Kingdom to Laurel, 
She also handles name consultation for many folks.
Armillary Herald - She does device consulting 
Eclipse - Central region
Solstice - Coastal region
Twilight - Southern region
Nordsteorra - Northern region
Equinox - Western region
Zodiacus - keeps awards and Order of Precedence for Kingdom
Forerynel Pursuivant - assists Zodiacus
Tressure - head of Education section of College
Golden Staff - deals with Voice Heraldry
Wakeforest - assists Golden Staff
Sigillarius and Orbis - device research
Runicus and Syntaxsx - name research
Obelisk - publishes the Gazette each month
Retiarius - gathers monthly submission commentary and puts it in 
the Gazette.
   These folks deals with the beautiful scrolls given out 
in our Kingdom.
Star Signet
Stellar Scroll
Sable Scroll

yours in service 
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