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Tue Jun 8 04:05:43 PDT 1999

> If it is only the stag's head affronty without the neck then the 
> blazon is: "Per chevron inverted azure and argent in chief a 
> stag's head caboshed argent."
> There don't appear to be any conflicts for either version of
> the devices.  The ordinary was checked under the per chevron 
> inverted field, 2 ravens, stags, and stag's heads.

Birds.  You should check birds in general because most black avians
will conflict with ravens (with, of course, the usual CDs for posture
and number, and position).

> Clear of Andrew Selwyn: (Fieldless) A sword, blade surmounted
> by a stag's head couped affronty argent.  One CD for field and
> 1 CD for the sword.

Right.  In fact, the stag's head is a primary charge in Eirik's
proposal and an overall charge in Andrew's device, therefore X.2.
complete change of primary charge clears these.

> Clear of Armida Morgan: Azure, the head of a hind erased argent.
> One CD for the field and one CD for changing the position from the
> default dexter facing to affronty.

Orientation.  Position is where something is placed, orientation is 
where it points, etc.
Perfectly correct CD count, too.  

> Someone please look at these cause as tired as I am something
> could have sneaked by.

I haven't actually conflict checked Eirik's proposal, but if you
checked all stags' heads, you would have caught any conflicts on
the device without the birds.

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