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Teceangl tierna at
Tue Jun 8 04:08:11 PDT 1999

> For 3 charges on a field is the default arrangement in SCA
> heraldry two and one?

Default arrangement in period, too, yes.

> When dealing with 
> per saltire sable and or an eagle counterchanged vs
> per saltire sable and argent an eagle counterchanged
> Is there a CD for changing the tincture of half the
> field and a second CD for changing the tincture of
> half of the primary charge?

Ayup.  Counterchanging is usually a cheap way to get two
CDs, as charge tincture changes and field tincture changes
are each worth a CD.  Always inform clients of calls this
close, though, because some won't want their device to 
appear that close to someone else's.

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