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Teceangl tierna at
Tue Jun 29 00:51:10 PDT 1999

> Sable masoned argent, a feather bendwise sinister Or.

Oh, well, then...  In _that_ case...  :)

Against Heralds' Seals: Silver Quill Pursuivant - January of 1976:
(Tinctureless) A quill bendwise sinister within a roundel.

One CD for adding tinctures.  Now, if the feather above is a tertiary
charge, X2 applies and there's no problem at all.  If the roundel is
considered the field, though, masoning might add another CD because it
does not need colour to be seen, but I'm not 100% certain.  Tell you what,
I suggest this question go to the SCAHRLDS list for a more definite answer.
I can only speculate on this one, and know there are heralds there who can
answer much better.  If you don't want to re-post it yourself, I'll do it
with your permission.

However, that's the only thing that isn't blatantly clear.  If we can clear
the seal, the device is fine.  Clear or not, it is a most excellent design.

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