ANSTHRLD - Re: Conflict Check

Eirik eirik at
Tue Jun 29 11:55:34 PDT 1999

> Against Heralds' Seals: Silver Quill Pursuivant - January of 1976:
> (Tinctureless) A quill bendwise sinister within a roundel.
> One CD for adding tinctures.  Now, if the feather above is a tertiary
> charge, X2 applies and there's no problem at all.  If the roundel is
> considered the field, though, masoning might add another CD because it

The device above is fieldless, so the roundel becomes the primary charge and
the feather is the secondary charge. Against the proposed device I see one
CD for the field vs. fieldless, a second for the roundel vs. the feather,
and a third for addition of the secondary charge.


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