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Tue Nov 2 03:58:52 PST 1999

>From Kathri, Asterisk, come greetings and apologies.

In a message dated 11/1/1999 2:34:12 PM Central Standard Time, Arbalest 
Herald Borek (Brent_Ryder at writes:

> I am here to retract a statement to the effect that 'Arabella of the Barren
>  Plains does not like to play with the Wastelands'.

This misinformation probably arose during the turnover from me to Borek about 
returns and problems.  The turnover was more of a "dump" of paper and verbal 
comments, so I'll be lucky if this is the worst.

Borek and Meadhbh, I never meant to say or imply this and I apologize for 
whatever I said that sounded like this.  There was never anything in writing 
that could be interpreted as any comment on the internal workings of the 
people and shire of Wastelands.  Meadhbh, please convey my apologies to 
Arabella and to the rest of the shire for creating an opportunity for 
misunderstanding.  (It's not as if we don't have enough without my help!)

And *still* we don't have a byname for Arabella and Joanna!  All they want is 
an English locative that goes with "Arabella" and "Joanna" and refers to an 
overgrazed pasture.  Please help!



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