ANSTHRLD - History of Scribe officers MGreene at
Wed Nov 10 08:14:36 PST 1999

Greetings Heralds and Scribes,
I am working on a section in the soon to be updated Kingdom of Ansteorra
'Scribes Handbook' , to list the history of the scribal offices, briefly
what their duties were and those persons who held the offices, and under
what time periods (or which Crowns).  Much of the information I can gather
from past Black Stars, but some of the earlier ones may not have all the
'non' Great Officers listed, as we do a better job of that today.

So... if you were a Star Signet, Sable Scroll or Stellar Scroll, please let
me know when you served, and for Sable Scroll, for which Crown, and include
dates if possible.    Many thanks,   Mistress Hillary Rose Greenslade

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