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Wed Nov 17 04:43:02 PST 1999

The background for my query about the field-only conflict check is:
- ------------------------
ILOI0999, item 23.  Michael Silverhands  (Stargate) 
new name; new device; Quarterly azure and argent.
- ------------------------
Comments, which will be evaluated Sunday 11/21/99 10am at Emerald Keep's 
Harvest Moon event site, were:

Bryn Gwlad
[Device]  Conflict with Ulf of Sjaelland (2/96), "Quarterly gules and 
argent".  Even with the new field-primary X.4.a rules, there's only 1 CD for 
changing tincture of half the field.

Magnus von Lubeck
[Device]  Possible conflict with Aethelstan of Axford November of 1991:  
"Quarterly azure and argent, an orle embattled on the inner edge 

- ----------------

As it happened, the submitter really wanted "Quarterly argent and azure" so I 
asked about that.  Neither he nor I really understood conflict-checking for 
field-only armory, so we're learning from the posts, too. (He is Baron of 
Stargate, my home.  His submission was delayed 6 months in getting from him 
to his local herald to me, and got its tinctures reversed in the meantime.  
Now this.) 

As always, all interested parties are invited to the Kingdom Decision Meeting 
for face-to-face discussion.  

Kathri, Asterisk
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