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> My tangent question is: are there any registered arms in the SCA with a gyron as an ordinary rather than a gyronny field?  My search of the Ordinary online did not turn up any but I may not have set my parameters correctly.  Another question, if a gyron were placed upon a field, where does it appear by default (dexter chief?)?  If you wanted a gyron placed in a different location, say in/from the sinister chief quadrant, how would that be blazoned?
> Seigneur Etienne
Gyron, oh yes single gyron as a charge.

Ten years ago a submission I processed as pursuivant got rejected
because a gyron alone was not a period charge.  Even though there were
early SCA examples.  I could have fought this on 'compatible with period
style', but fortunately the I was able to talk the submittor into going
with something more period.  I had tried to talk them out the emblazon
earlier and failed.  

The examples I found were post-period, mostly Italian or Eastern
Europe.  The only period example was the Mortimer arms, where the term
gyron is used to describe the upper corners, but as part of an overall
design not as an ordinary or subordinary.    

In Japanese a simple triangle was the representation of a fish scale, a
traditional charge, but would not be issuant from the side.  

I lacked the resources for traditional Polish clan marks, which also
used simple geometrics, however they also usually avoided issuant from
the edges. 

A sinister gyron is the lower half of a sinister canton divided divided
diagonally from sinister chief.  No period examples.  The Mortimer arms
are usually blazoned with a pair of gyrons (dexter and sinister). 
Victorian heraldry would probably allow gyrons from any where, but lets
not go there.


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