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>Hummm... Maybe I should talk to Gold Falcon about this...
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>Wait until you find out about "the herald to be named later" clause!!!

Well, if the "herald to be named later" clause relates to Calontir
providing heralds to Ansteorra, I'd say that the clause has already been
fulfilled per me & Salvador.  (I got started in heraldry in Three Rivers
and Salvador was in Mag Mor for awhile.)

If it goes the other way, it may have been fulfilled when I was in
Calontir.  (I'm an Ansteorran native, but was only able to get in contact
with the SCA when I attended college in St. Louis.)

(Hey, Francois, how's this for contract-jargon tap dancing?)  

And KWHS (in Stargate, Ansteorra this year) specifically doesn't conflict
with Lillies.  So we look forward to being able to show Calontir heralds
our Ansteorran hospitality this year!  

Bordure Herald, Kingdom of Ansteorra
member of the commenting group in Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra
former member of the "Loud Tabard" commenting group in
    Steirbach, Atlantia which was then commenting on internal
    letters for the Outlands and Drachenwald
former member of the commenting group in Three Rivers, Calontir
(you should'a seen the kingdom sticker collection on my last car...)

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