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Teceangl tierna at
Thu Nov 18 02:11:42 PST 1999

> Okay, O congenial conjurer of condign conflict, tell us if there's a
> substantial difference between "Quarterly bendy sinister sable, argent,
> and azure" and "Quarterly azure and argent"?  Would there be a CD for
> the the sable?

No magic, but I *think* I have it for this case.  Yes, they are different
enough to not conflict.

X.4.a.ii.(c) Other Field-Primary Armory - In any case, independent
        changes to the tincture, direction of partition lines, style
	of partition lines, or number of pieces in the partition may
        be counted separately when comparing two pieces of
	field-primary armory. There are two clear differences between
        Per chevron argent and azure and Per pale nebuly argent and azure.

So we have a swap between placement of tinctures AND number of tinctures, and 
that should be completely clear.  And it also seems that field primary armory 
isn't specifically bound by CD counting, but that's an impression I have 
rather than any direct statement I've seen.
I think.
But I wouldn't be on it until I ran it past local experts.

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