ANSTHRLD - Re: Conflict check requested (backfill info)

Teceangl tierna at
Thu Nov 18 02:12:59 PST 1999

> As it happened, the submitter really wanted "Quarterly argent and azure" so I 
> asked about that.  Neither he nor I really understood conflict-checking for 
> field-only armory, so we're learning from the posts, too. (He is Baron of 
> Stargate, my home.  His submission was delayed 6 months in getting from him 
> to his local herald to me, and got its tinctures reversed in the meantime.  
> Now this.) 

He's got bodacious armory and I'm pretty certain it's clear.  Certain enough
that were I a submissions herald, and I hadn't gotten strong commentary
proving conflict, I would definitely send this on to Laurel.

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