ANSTHRLD - AICC Corrections

Darin Herndon darin_herndon at
Sat Nov 20 22:34:34 PST 1999

To those who receive the Gazette, greetings!

A couple of corrections to the Gazette.  I thought I had included these but apparently I did not.  In the Annotated Internal Collated Commentary (AICC), please note the following:

Please add the following explanatory paragraph to the end of the ruling on the name for submission #9:
> 9) Duncan MacDougall of Kerrera
>  "While Kerrera is not the seat of the MacDougall clan, it is one of their
>  territories and so a name formed <... MacDougall of Kerrera> falls under
>  this Laurel ruling.  We are passing the name as <Duncan MacDougall of
>  Mendersham> per email from the submitter.  The history of this change will
>  be noted in the LoI."

Please change the ruling on the name for #13 to:
Name:  Forwarded to Laurel.  The submitter has authorized us to change the 
request from an Irish name to a Scot name.   A printout of the email from the 
submitter will be attached to the forms in the kingdom folder and those going 
to Laurel.  [This also means that the device which was going to be returned for
lack of a name can be passed as well.]

<Sigh> I got all of the other email changes I received for Novembers Gazette included but missed this.  A correction will be listed in the December Gazette.

Seigneur Etienne
Obelisk Herald
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