ANSTHRLD - Report: Submission table at Coronation Kathri at
Tue Jan 18 08:39:11 PST 2000

We provided a full-service consultation and submission table at Coronation on 
January 15.  Special thanks to all who helped;  I hope HL Gwenllian kept a 
complete list. 

There were 28 items submitted, 19 names and 9 devices.  All but 1 name and 1 
device were full-service.  The price for names remained at $12, but the price 
for full-service armory was raised to $15 as a result of our previous 

We also did several initial consultations that didn't result in immediate 
submissions and a bunch of other business because people knew we were there.  

The latter included Galen of Bristol's "consultation with our heralds to 
determine the form" of his augmentation of arms, which he did *immediately* 
after the stepping-down court in which it was granted.  Vivat Sir Galen!

There wasn't as much of a "runaway train" feel to this table, and nowhere 
near the "imminent trainwreck" feeling I got on Saturday at ATYC.  My 
conclusion is that we're getting better, and the submitters still like this 
service.  So on we go.

Kathri, Asterisk
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