ANSTHRLD - Report: Submission table at Coronation

Jacquie Ziegler shauna at
Tue Jan 18 19:33:55 PST 2000


Kathri at wrote:
> We provided a full-service consultation and submission table at Coronation on
> January 15.  Special thanks to all who helped;  I hope HL Gwenllian kept a
> complete list.

Congratulations! I know how hard it is to start up this service - I
have been doing it (mostly by myself, some help from locals) for the
last year and some.
> There were 28 items submitted, 19 names and 9 devices.  All but 1 name and 1
> device were full-service.  The price for names remained at $12, but the price
> for full-service armory was raised to $15 as a result of our previous
> experience.

Just a question - what do you mean by 'full-service'?
> We also did several initial consultations that didn't result in immediate
> submissions and a bunch of other business because people knew we were there.

Yep - lay out the books and they will come! :-)
> The latter included Galen of Bristol's "consultation with our heralds to
> determine the form" of his augmentation of arms, which he did *immediately*
> after the stepping-down court in which it was granted.  Vivat Sir Galen!

As I knew Sir Galen when he was Viscount Galen (no Sir), could you
tell me what the form was he chose and what it was granted for?
> There wasn't as much of a "runaway train" feel to this table, and nowhere
> near the "imminent trainwreck" feeling I got on Saturday at ATYC.  My
> conclusion is that we're getting better, and the submitters still like this
> service.  So on we go.
> Kathri, Asterisk

'Runaway train feel'! I like that - sounds like the third day of
last year, with six SENIOR heralds behind the table and about thirty 
clients in front of us - we were backed into a corner of a large tent
so didn't feel *trapped* exactly, but it was intimidating.

Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point
Golden Wing Principal Herald for Artemisia
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