ANSTHRLD - Galen's Augmentation

Richard Threlkeld rjt at
Fri Jan 21 08:16:47 PST 2000

If I remember correctly, the order from the court
specified that the augmentation was to be in canton.
Can you put it anywhere else given that order?


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> Daniel wrote as the possible blazon:
> >    Gules, a bend wavy between two double bitted axes or, as an
> >    augmentation on the bend in chief a mullet of five greater and
> >    five lesser points sable.
> I was there for the consultation and I think Daniel's point here is
> correct.  Rather than "in canton", "on the bend in chief" is more
> appropriate as it distinguishes between a star on the bend and
> one overall.
> Tressure Herald has the black-and-white form which was drawn up for
> Viscount Galen.  Darius (or Rosalia), did you catch this since the blazon
> is different than what is written on the form?
> Seigneur Etienne
> Obelisk Herald
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