ANSTHRLD - Galen's Augmentation

Amanda Lewanski editor at
Fri Jan 21 08:38:56 PST 2000

Richard Threlkeld wrote:

> If I remember correctly, the order from the court
> specified that the augmentation was to be in canton.
> Can you put it anywhere else given that order?

Well, here you touch on the great disagreement that came up eons ago when Jan's
augmentation was awarded. The Crown specified the form of the augmentation, and
Tadhg rather vehemently disagreed, saying the Crown had the right to bestow the
award but not to specify what form it should take. He stepped down as Star the
night the augmentation was given (later reinstated), so strongly did he feel.

I don't recall if the point was ever clarified. We were busy planning weddings
and such, and when we got around to registering the augmentation years later, we
registered the form the Crown specified (which is what we liked anyway) and so
the scroll and augmentation agree, and nothing more was said.

But it's a good question. Old monarchists that Jan and I are, we always thought
the Crown should be able to grant/specify the form as well as the right to the
award, but SCA practice seems to differ. Was there ever any formal statement of
this? Daniel?


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