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> By the way, what'd he get the augmentation for? 

To quote Timothy of Glastonbury's post from yesterday:

The augmentation was granted by their Majesties Daffydd and Octavia for 
long-time service to the realm of Ansteorra.  In the past year Viscount Galen 
autocratted the 20th year celebration of Ansteorra (ATYC) as well as serving 
as Royal Herald for her Majesty Octavia.  As he was already a Master of the 
Pelican, and had every award for service to the Kingdom, their majesties 
granted him an Augmentation of Arms.  

> I just didn't know if there was any formal statement of who does what, or 
of what types of additions can be used as augmentations, or what. 

The kicker is that augmentations must be registerable.  That means they can't 
conflict with anything that's already registed, and they have to follow the 
Rules for Submission (RfS).  The augmentation *can* be some things that would 
otherwise be considered pretentious, like eschuteons with more than one 
charge.  After all, it's not pretentious if the Monarch says you earned it.  

The big problem with Jan's original augmentation was that arms of a branch 
cannot be registered to an individual, not even as an augmentation, not even 
with the permission of the populace and crown.  It was a long-standing rule 
even at that time, not just a Laurel precendent.  Precedents are much easier 
to change than rules.

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