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Sorry to be away for so long after starting this part of the thread this

Darius, note has been sent, awaiting reply.  However, I will resend the
note if he is changing his mind on position.  The charter specified that he
consult with Them and the CoH on the form.  If he is changing his mind, I
can play intermediary since I sent the first note but they do deserve a
chance to know about the form before releasing the letter.  If Galen
"decided to move the star to the middle of the bend (between the axes)",
then I would see the blazon for the augmentation part as something like "as
an augmentation in escutcheon a mullet of five greater and five lesser
points sable."  Or maybe "as an augmentation in/on the honor point a mullet
of five greater and five lesser points sable."  The use of in fess (they're
actually bendwise sinister unless he's rearranging the axes too) would
place the star as a central charge and minimize its visibility as an

Actually, placing that single star in the center by itself (without it
being on an escutcheon) kind of minimizes the visual impact.  A star could,
in a non-augmented blazon, be placed on the center of the bend.  Only the
fact that it is an Ansteorran star shows the honor visibly and a lot of
people might miss it.  Placing it off center in the canton was a much more
noticible item which could encourage people to ask "Why does he have a star
in the upper corner?"

But, he certainly can place it in the center of the bend.

Caelin, it was in Lucais' explanation that he mentioned placing the
augmentation in canton.  There are many ways to exhibit an augmentation in
period practice though Lucais' explanation only mentioned one.

To answer Alisandre's earlier question about augmentation rules, there are
and then there are not (yet).  There is a body of practice under which the
College of Arms has been operating for the registration of augmentations.
In the last quarter of last year, a proposal was made to actually change
the RfS to reflect real practice.  I have not heard any commentary which
suggests that the proposed change will not pass.  Regardless, Galen's
augmentation will be treated under certain rules unless a concious decision
is made by the CoA to act differently.  Below is the text of the two
proposed added rules:

RfS VIII.7. Augmentations of Honor - An augmentation of honor must be
compatible with period armorial style.  An augmentation is an honor
bestowed by the crown, taking the form of an addition or alteration to the
honorees device. While the right to an augmentation is bestowed by the
crown, its form is subject to the normal registration process. Although the
augmentation must itself follow the armory rules, it may on a case by case
basis break the rules in relation to the original armory. For example,
Sable, on a chief argent a lion passant maintaining, in augmentation, an
escutcheon gules charged with a cross throughout argent is acceptable, even
though it breaks RFS VIII.1.c.ii. Layer Limit. Gules, a lion argent, and in
augmentation a canton argent charged with a tower Or is not acceptable, as
the augmentation internally breaks RFS VIII.2. Armorial Contrast. Also,
since an augmentation is an earned honor, it may in some cases violate RFS
XI.3. Marshaling or RFS XI.4. Arms of Pretense. Arms in their augmented
form are subject to the normal rules of conflict. If an augmentation has
the appearance of being independent armory, for example a charged
escutcheon or canton, then it is independently subject to the normal rules
of armorial conflict.

RfS XI.5. Augmentations of Honor - Armory which appears to be augmented is
considered presumptuous unless the right to bear an augmentation has been
properly bestowed.  Augmentations in the SCA typically, though not
necessarily, take the form of a canton or an escutcheon. Therefore, except
as augmentations a canton or single escutcheon can only be used if it is
both uncharged and of a single tincture. For example, Gules, a canton
argent is acceptable but Gules, on a canton argent an axe sable could only
be registered if the submitter holds an augmentation.

(While these alone could start a thread, and have, I'll pass by on
commentary for now.)

I hope the above helps.

Seigneur Etienne
Obelisk Herald

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