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On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Darin K. Herndon <darin-herndon at> wrote:
> Actually, placing that single star in the center by itself (without
> it being on an escutcheon) kind of minimizes the visual impact.  A
> star could, in a non-augmented blazon, be placed on the center of
> the bend.  Only the fact that it is an Ansteorran star shows the
> honor visibly and a lot of people might miss it.  Placing it off
> center in the canton was a much more noticible item which could
> encourage people to ask "Why does he have a star in the upper
> corner?"

I agree that a mullet in dexter chief would be more visible, being
higher and being away from the axes.

I would like to note that someone without an augmentation could still
put a star, or anything, either in the middle of a bend or on its
dexter chief.

I would also like to digress slightly to note that the "Ansteorran
mullet" is not a reserved charge.  The only kingdom-specific reserved
charges are for real-world kingdoms: the double tressure
fleury-counterfleury, a field of France, a field of Bavaria during the
tenure of every third Laurel, et cetera.  (Serious, Bavaria did
flip-flop, but currently it's available to all and it's unlikely to be
re-re-reserved ever again.)

Tadhg made a loud noise in an AG in his tenure, about how Ansteorran
mullets Shall Not Pass.  There is some debate in the CoA about whether
kingdoms are allowed to be stricter than Laurel's rules.  Jaelle says,
"unconditionally".  Talan says, "only in areas where Laurel's rules
are doubtful".  I believe a Bruce cover letter should be interpreted
to say, "no".

In any event, the Admin Handbook says that anyone has the right to
appeal a decision to the next higher level, and the people who
returned it are utterly forbidden to block the appeal and return it
again.  Thus, anyone can appeal a Kingdom return, and it would have to
go to Laurel.  Laurel will not use kingdom-specific rules to rule on
something, but only Laurel's rules.  Thus, stricter in-kingdom rules
only slow down a determined submitter, and force them to go to
unnecessary effort to get what they have a right to get.  That seems
perverse, and not the fun kind of perversion either.

Of course, someone submitting an Ansteorran star without an
augmentation is like a non-squire wearing a red belt.

Alas, the living room floor calls to me.  It used to be muffled by too
much stuff, but now it's calling for more freedom.  Bye again.

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