ANSTHRLD - Galen's Augmentation

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at
Sun Jan 23 11:23:54 PST 2000

Daniel wrote (in part):
>I agree that a mullet in dexter chief would be more visible, being
>higher and being away from the axes.
>I would like to note that someone without an augmentation could still
>put a star, or anything, either in the middle of a bend or on its
>dexter chief.

I absolutely agree.  Galen had the suggestion of just using a single
"Ansteorran star" without adding a field or an escutcheon and I just loved
the simplicity of it.  I have to grant that there are more blatant ways to
express the augmentation.  But it was quite simply joyful to have a
submitter get an augmentation (which allows certain rules to be bent if not
ignored in designing the device) and then have them choose a form which
didn't bend/break/ignore any rules of heraldry; to wit, an augmentation
that almost anyone could register.   It's just classy in my own book of

Mableth wrote (in part):
>One question...  Why are we using the phrase "as an augmentation" in the

Mableth, that phrase was taken from currently registered augmentations in
SCA heraldry.  It seems to be the form that the Laurel office has used in
registering augmentations in the past.  As a side note, since Galen's
proposed augmentation doesn't present itself as a screaming example of "I
AM AN AUGMENTATION" but is rather understated, this line in the blazon
makes it more obvious to the reader that an augmentation was given.

Seigneur Etienne
Obelisk Herald

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