ANSTHRLD - Galen's Augmentation

Amy and Bill Morris awmorris at
Sat Jan 22 06:40:05 PST 2000

Just got through diving through several of my books, looking for
augmentation examples.  One question...  Why are we using the phrase "as an
augmentation" in the blazon?  The period examples I could find blazoned the
augmentation in normal heraldic style.  Even out of period "as an
augmentation" seems to have been used to indicate when a otherwise reserved
charge was authorized.  I thought the 'Ansteorran mullet' had been ruled not
reserved.  I have a vague memory (from decades gone by and kingdoms past)
that an attempt was made to prevent a registration of a device included an
ansteorran-style mullet or on a sable field, and Laurel made a ruling.


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