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Sun Jan 23 19:48:10 PST 2000

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Darin K. Herndon <darin-herndon at> wrote:
> Are augmentations listed in the OP?

I don't know.

> If not, should they be?


> If they should be, should the blazon of the augmentation be included
> once registered?

No.  Aside from representation problems already mentioned, in general
parts of information should not be scattered among tables, because
copies have a tendency to get out-of-date.  The Armorial has the
authoritative version of the blazon; anyone who needs it should look
it up there.

(However, the Armorial is *not* authoritative as to who has received
augmentations, because someone can receive the right to one without
registering one, so those facts *should* be recorded in the Roll of

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