ANSTHRLD - Augmentations and the OP

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Sun Jan 23 12:06:48 PST 2000

That would be nice to be able to look up.

At Coronation, Lord Star and I were only able to
think of six augmentations granted by the Ansteorran

Jonathon de Laufyson
Willow de Wisp
Sigmund the Wingfooted
Jan w Orzeldom
Anbairn MacFarlane
Galen of Bristol

Anybody know of others?

- Galen
Golden Staff

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> Old topic; new thread:
> To Zodiacus Herald and the community at large, three questions:
> Are augmentations listed in the OP?
> If not, should they be?
> If they should be, should the blazon of the augmentation be included once
> registered?  (Which could be a formatting nightmare to fit that much text
> in an OP entry.)
> Seigneur Etienne
> Obelisk Herald
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