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> And wasn't Jan's [augmentation] Bjornsborg specific?

Yes.  No.  Undefined.  Mu.

Augmentations are not "specific" in the sense that you only have it
while residing in such-and-so a place.  You cannot register an
augmentation of SCA branch arms.  The *reason* for the Crown giving
you an augmentation may be "specific", in the sense that you got it
because you were so useful to them, and I think Jan's augmentation was
largely for the reason of service to Bjornsborg.  The form of Jan's
registered augmentation, as has been discussed on this list quite
recently, is similar to Bjornsborg's arms:

Bjornsborg, Barony of|8006X|d|Azure, two bears passant erect addorsed
regardant argent, each maintaining a berdiche proper, in base a laurel
wreath Or.

Jan w Orzeldom|9312X|a|Per pale gules and argent, in pale a chevronel
couped palewise and two crosses patty counterchanged,
as an augmentation, on an escutcheon azure, two bears passant erect
addorsed reguardant argent, each maintaining a berdiche proper, in
base an annulet Or.

His augmentation is one CD from Bjornsborg, which was allowed on his
second submission because he had a letter of permission to conflict.

I will, with trepidation, mention the posthumous augmentation given at
a recent 12th Night to Baron Pepin's late wife, whose name
unfortunately escapes me.  With trepidation because
- it was announced as an augmentation of Namron, and we've just had
  the discussion of why that is not registerable.
- the CoA allows registration of things only to living human beings
  (and to groups of them).  The only thing that could be done with the
  dead is to transfer their armory by heraldic will.
- she was quite popular, and saying "no" in this case could cause a
  lot of hard feelings.

On the other hand,
- Nelson got a posthumous augmentation, and we recognize it.
- she *was* Baroness of Namron "on the day she was alive and dead", to
  use a medieval phrase, and in period the dead bore the arms they had
  on the day they were alive and dead (nobody defaced the Black
  Prince's tomb for presumption, for instance, even tho he bore
  England and France differenced when there was a living holder).
  Thus, unlike Jan, in a sense she *is* still entitled, because she
  can't step down, even though a new Baroness exists.
- There is recent precedent where an executor was allowed to transfer
  armory without a heraldic will.  Maybe Laurel could be argued into
  loosening it further upon royal petition.
- It is possible, though I haven't researched it, that having an
  escutcheon of arms of an office was placed in period on the arms
  of an office-holder.  In that case, the Baroness's arms could simply
  bear Namron without having to register it as an augmentation, in the
  same way that any current Baron/ess or other office holder today can
  impale their office's arms with their own with propriety and without

The chance of success of any such registration is quite iffy.

Most fortunately, nobody has attempted to register any such thing to
the Baroness, and I hope that a merciful God will prevent anyone's
hearts from being moved to trying to do so, and thus step into a
hornet's nest that could hurt people's feelings.

Daniel de Lincolia
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