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> On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Lorraine and/or Kief <deer_kief at> wrote:
> > And wasn't Jan's [augmentation] Bjornsborg specific?
> Yes.  No.  Undefined.  Mu.
> Augmentations are not "specific" in the sense that you only have it
> while residing in such-and-so a place.  You cannot register an
> augmentation of SCA branch arms.  The *reason* for the Crown giving
> you an augmentation may be "specific", in the sense that you got it
> because you were so useful to them, and I think Jan's augmentation was
> largely for the reason of service to Bjornsborg.

Daniel is correct. The usual recognition for a baron/baroness stepping down is a
court barony, but Jan was already of a higher rank than court baronage. Since he
had just about everything else, the Crown gave him an augmentation in
recognition of his service to the kingdom as Baron of Bjornsborg.

--Alisandre, who did the scroll

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