ANSTHRLD - CoH web page: what should be on it?

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Wed Jan 26 15:35:23 PST 2000

Well as I see it, we will be providing information for several
identifiable audiences.

1. Warranted Ansteorran officers of arms (read active heralds in this as

2. People just getting into heraldry looking for references like "Is
Gules red or gold?"

3. Curios surfers the firmly believe that a lozenge is for a sore

So maybe a structure that caters to more than one interest / experience
level could be very useful. I would also like to see a page dedicated to
displaying and explaining all of the armory registered to Ansteorra. ya
know not just awards but things like the queens rose, the battle flag,
that type of thing.

Ever trying for education
Darius, Tressure

> They way I would like to go about the design of our Web page is to answer
> some questions.  The first question to be answered is:
> Who we are providing information for?  And what information are they looking
> for?
> --Francois
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