ANSTHRLD - CoH web page: what should be on it?

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Wed Jan 26 16:16:43 PST 2000

The question of what to do with all of this new found space can always
be a problem.  OK, everyone knows what I am going to say.  Order of
Precedence, Roll of Precedence, what is Precedence, a searchable web
database, and maybe even a database that can pull up peoples registered
Devices. On Line Forms would always be a big plus, so a page just with
link for such. But maybe this is just dreaming. :)


"Bordelon, Wendel" wrote:
> Greeting to the assembled!
> The new Kingdom web server it up and running.  The College of Heralds will
> be able to build and maintain a set of web pages on this server.  Now the
> question is,  what should be on it?
> They way I would like to go about the design of our Web page is to answer
> some questions.  The first question to be answered is:
> Who we are providing information for?  And what information are they looking
> for?
> --Francois
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