ANSTHRLD - Input - officers job description

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at
Thu Jan 27 17:26:36 PST 2000

>I have the duty of composing a Job Description for my
>office of Baronial Herald, and would like input from
>other heralds as to what this office does/should
>entail.  [More SNIPPED]


Please contact your regional as quickly as possible (Twilight Herald, HE
Lorraine Deerslayer).  Contact info in the Black Star.  I am about to mail
(literally, if not tonight then tomorrow) the brand spankin' new Ansteorran
Heralds' Admin Handbook and other miscellany packet (and whoo boy its a
biggin!).  This packet has your job description and will save you work.

The reason you need to contact Twilight is because I need her to confirm
you as the acting herald, otherwise I am supposed to mail it to Otto
Vustman (which is the most recent acting herald I have on register).

Anyone else on the list who is a branch herald?  If so, are you getting
your Gazette each month?  Is it going to someone else?  Have neither you
nor your seneschal ever heard of the Gazette before?  Then you need to
contact your regional herald ASAP (like tonight or tomorrow morning) if you
want to receive your packets.  (All regional addresses and contact info are
included in the back of the Black Star.)

Regionals, if you get updates tonight or tomorrow morning, email them to my
work address (darin_herndon at so I can get the changes made
before this really expensive packet mails.  (To the list in general:  This
packet is big enuff and expensive enuff that I posted my work address for
updates in order to avoid bad mailings.)

[This announcement and exercise in occasional gules necked verbage has been
brought to you by the Salt'nPeppa Street Workshop (sesame?  What's a
Seseme?) who sponsored the words "spankin'", "biggin", and "enuff".  All
other gules necked words are the fault of Obelisk Herald who lost track of
his grammer somewhere around collating page 66.]

Etienne [I think]
Obelisk [So sayeth the roster]

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