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Ray Smith rayasmith at
Thu Jan 27 21:39:44 PST 2000

Greetings once more to all my fellow heralds.  I
apologize if my earlier missive seemed rather rushed
or curt - I was down to my last two minutes on the
library's computer and wanted to get it off ASAP. 
Here's a little clarification on what I'm working with
This is what I know/suspect so far 
- I'm responsible for processing all name/device/badge
submissions in the barony.  Each device/badge
submission requires 5(?) copies in color and 5(?)
line-drawing copies, and each name submission requires
5(?) copies w/documentation.  Each new submission
costs $9; re-submissions are free.  One copy of each
submission stays in the baronial herald's files; all
others (with payment from the reeve/exchecquer) goes
to the regional herald (I think; or is it kingdom?)

- No documentation is required for devices or badges
(except possibly to show that a creature such as a
Virginia opossum or an alligator was known in period).
Name submissions, I believe require documentation to
show that each element of the name was used in period,
in the form and combination style used in the
submission.  If cross-cultural/linguistic names are
submitted (such as Sean Ghandhi), documentation must
show that the cultures had appropriate contact in

That's all I can think of top of my head.  Any
corrections, elaborations, or additional information
will be of great value.

Yours in service,
 Andre de Chartres

"Everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world."
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