ANSTHRLD - An Index of Ansteorran Heraldic Submissions 1993-9

Richard Threlkeld rjt at
Sun Jan 30 07:38:23 PST 2000

> I do have a request for someone: Would someone on a Windows system
> download misc/progbra.txt (just as one example; it's about the
> smallest), and see if you can read it in Notepad?  If your browser
> converts newline -> carriage return+newline, it'll be readable.  If
> not, Notepad will run all the lines onto one line with a black square
> box for each NL.  Try downloading / Save As as Text and then as Source
> (or the equivalent in Microsoft Internet Explorer (ptui)), and see if
> it makes any difference.  Oh, and please report back whether it worked
> or no!

I downloaded it with IE 5.1 as a text file. It did not insert
the carriage returns. The save as source option will save the currently
displayed page's source. That is not much of a help with the text files as
it just shows their name.

I also tried it with Netscape 4.6 with similar results.


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