ANSTHRLD - An Index of Ansteorran Heraldic Submissions 1993-9 tmcd at
Sat Jan 29 19:37:17 PST 2000 now has the latest version of my Index of
Ansteorran Heraldic Submissions.  New features:

- More up-to-date: all submissions thru 1993-1999 inclusive.
- Two new files: "In-progress submissions only, sorted _by name_ or
  _by the submitter's SCA branch and within that by name_."
- "Miscellaneous files", which are text versions of several files
  suitable for framing^W putting into a spreadsheet.

  Also prettyish PostScript versions of the Index that you might
  actually be able to print on a PostScript printer.

  Also also misc/

      A ZIP file containing all the files that comprise this Index of
      Ansteorran Submissions.  It excludes Laurel LoAR web pages,
      other Ansteorran pages, and this file itself.  This is useful
      for putting on a laptop and taking to a consultation table, or
      to have at a heraldic meeting.  All hyperlinks within this Index
      are relative links, so you can UNZIP this file into any single
      directory on a disk and have your local copy of this Index
      without needing Internet access.  (You still need your web
      browser, though.)  All the filenames in the ZIP file start with
      "hst/".  You should then move this ZIP file into the resulting
      "hst/misc/" directory, so this paragraph's link isn't broken.

  (If you consult the Index frequently, it's simply useful as a local
  cached copy, since you don't have to use your web browser over the

That number again: .  I want the permanent
place to be on the Ansteorran server; this is the beta test.

If anyone sees any problems, or if anyone has any comments, please
tell me.

I do have a request for someone: Would someone on a Windows system
download misc/progbra.txt (just as one example; it's about the
smallest), and see if you can read it in Notepad?  If your browser
converts newline -> carriage return+newline, it'll be readable.  If
not, Notepad will run all the lines onto one line with a black square
box for each NL.  Try downloading / Save As as Text and then as Source
(or the equivalent in Microsoft Internet Explorer (ptui)), and see if
it makes any difference.  Oh, and please report back whether it worked
or no!

Danielis Lindum Colonia
Tim McDaniel (home); Reply-To: tmcd at; 
if that fail, my work address is tmcd at

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