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Sun Jan 30 11:07:28 PST 2000

Keyna said that those were passed on to you the Asterisk's office when they
took over that function.

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> > A massive undertaking, but we have at least 1999's worth of submissions
> >  already scanned in.  Kathri or Gwenllian may have kept the old ILoI
> >  electronic files from 1998, but I don't know.
> I have 08 1998 thru current.  I just handed Etienne some disks from 2/97
> 7/97, which include .bmp files from those months (I think).  At one time,
> Eirik and Keyna had a lot of .bmp files but I'm not sure of the current
> status.
> Kathri, who has the kingdom scanner but won't have time for this project
> until she steps down as Asterisk, at which time the scanner leaves, too.
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