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Thu Mar 30 09:49:50 PST 2000

Timothy wrote:
> I apologize to the list (and Daniel who I know will bring it up) for
> sending an RTF encoded message to the list.  I forgot to take the
> necessary precautions on the last message.  Here is the test,
> plainly.
> Any other help or ideas?
> ------_=_NextPart_001_01BF9A49.950CBE96
> Content-Type: text/html

(Daniel drums his fingers on the desktop.)  It's not RTF.
It's HTML, like

> <P><FONT SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">Reasonable.=A0 Though most people =
> would not know they were the same name. </FONT>

Damned pitiful HTML at that, resetting the font and size on each line,
and using a named font and a fixed size, and then getting MIMEd to

> The problem with Ruaidh is, and I quote Mama Mac (Dana) : "There has
> never been an 'I' in Mac an Ghabhann and there never will be."

1) Nobody was suggesting an "I" in "Mac an Ghabhann", to judge by the
   quoted earlier return.

2) If she doesn't like adding "Ruaidh", then I'd wonder why she
   submitted it in '93.  ("If you don't like crottled greeps, why did
   you order them?", the famous SF faanous question.)  But perhaps
   she's simply changed her mind since then, and of course that's
   fine.  If so: the Rules for Submission say that names have to
   differ (in general) in both appearance and sound.  I don't know
   much about Irish or Scottish Gaelic, but I think "Mac an Ghabhann"
   and "MacGowan" are pretty close in sound.  I would ask an expert,

2) If she doesn't like "I" in "ruaidh", what the LoAR said agreed in
   "case and number", I would be sorely tempted to tell her that I'm
   sorry that the grammar and pronunciation used over centuries by
   millions of period Irish and Scottish men and women does not happen
   to agree with her opinions of what the language should be.  But
   that might be undiplomatic.

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