ANSTHRLD - House Mac an Ghabhann

Richard Culver rbculver at
Thu Mar 30 11:41:43 PST 2000

  If so: the Rules for Submission say that names have to
>    differ (in general) in both appearance and sound.  I don't know
>    much about Irish or Scottish Gaelic, but I think "Mac an Ghabhann"
>    and "MacGowan" are pretty close in sound.  I would ask an expert,
>    tho.

   I know the "bh" represents a "v" sound in Modern Gaelic according to my 
Gaelic-English/ English-Gaelic Dictionary.  I also know the name "Siobhan" 
is pronounced "shi-vahn".  I would make sense with an anglization is migt 
have changed to a "w" sound leading to "Gowan".  English did not follow the 
"w" to "v" consanent shift which happened in the other Germanic languages.


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