ANSTHRLD - simple device question

Doug Bell debell at
Wed Sep 6 14:12:19 PDT 2000

Chris Backus wrote:
> I have a question.  I just registered my device.  Can I register two?
> And would something simpler pass, like Sable a hawk rising argent?
> Maybe switch the colors or add a bordure of one of the colors.  I
> wouldn't waste your time, but I don't really know how to use the
> online O&A to do a comprehensive conflict search.

And yes something simpler will pass.  We just need to know the
exact details of each design you are considering.  That way
it can be conflict checked.

It isn't a waste of time.  Checking conflicts is an arcane art
that needs to be practiced.  Several folks are teaching how
to do it if you ever feel interested and brave.  

Look forward to see what you come up with
Magnus von Lubeck
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