ANSTHRLD - KWHS retail stuff MGreene at
Wed Sep 6 19:52:05 PDT 2000

Hi all!   Many apologies for the delay in getting the totes and t-shirts to
you all, but a family emergency sort of ate all  my time last and this
week, when the order finally came in, and well... so here we are.

I will be taking the items with me to Stargate Baronial this weekend, so
you can collect them on site, if you are attending.  All others out of
kingdom, your orders will be in the mail post haste.    And for those in
far off areas of Ansteorra, your's will also be in the mail, as I may not
be expecting you at Stargate's event.    Anyone who does not show up that I
thought would, your's will also be in the mail come Monday.

See you then, and thanks for your patience.    Hillary

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