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Wed Sep 6 07:59:42 PDT 2000

>We had corrpespondence regarding my device about a 
>month ago. Unfortunately my scribe went on vacation 
>and your missives have been lost.  If you recall
>your words would you be so kind as to send them again?

Your original Missive was:

Unto His Lordship Borek Vitalievich Volkov, Star 
Principal Herald for Ansteorra, does Brother 
Kristophorus send warmest Greetings:

Your Lordship,

I pray that this missive finds you in good health and 
high spirits.

I first want to take this opportunity to thank you for 
attending the fighter practice held at Angus' stead 
this weekend past.  It is gratifying to know that such 
honorable persons such as yourself support our efforts 
to reestablish the incipient shire here in this area.  

Good Maestro Petruccio suggested that I speak to you 
regarding my naming and device.  I have been speaking 
to an esteemed colleague of yours (unfortunately my 
memory is as keen a butter and cannot tell you his 
name), both at King's College and Highland Games, and 
he advises me that my desired name and device need much 
work.  At event's end, he indicated that he may have 
reached some 'Heraldic' compromise.  Maestro Petruccio 
feels that perhaps you may be able to see some 
difference in opinion.

For the name, prayer and meditation revealed 
Kristophorus to be my intended ecclesiastical name; 
which I am told is in itself not registrable.  My name 
at birth was given as Anfudan mac Oirc of Loughinsholin 
(later the MacGurk sept of the Cenel Binnigh from the 
parish of Magherafelt).

The device is (forgive my amateurish attempt at 
heraldic terminology) azure three stags annulo courant 
argent (here I completely lose the proper terminology --
 the stags touch nose to heel and surround a vert 

Any help that you may be able to provide me in 
identifying if any of this can be sorted out to 
workable, registratrable naming and device would be 
greatly appreciated.

Brother Kris

Under the guidance of Maestro Petruccio Alfonso Maria 
Cuccieri de Cataluna, 


I forwarded this info to the heralds list and I asked 
about orientation of the charges, that the vert roundel 
would have to be fimbriated to prevent color on color 
and that in the present rules it would look like an 
inner escutcheon of pretense and about your name. The 
inner escutcheon issue may be resolved by Laurel, but I 
have so far heard nothing on the proposed rules change.

To which you responded:

dear Sir,

I willo accept any changes required.  

The stags are arranged that no one of them is 
completely inverted.  The antlers are approximately at 
the 12, 8 and 4 o'clock positions.  

Maestro Petruccio suggested some nomenclature that 
would allow for the colors; however my memory is not 
good enough to recall the specifics.

In service to the Dream 

Brother Kris


I was contacted by Magnus von Lubeck on your name and 
he related that he has spoken with you on your name in 
the past. I am sending this info again to the heralds 
list, with your note that you will accept any changes 
and I am sure that a reasonable compromise can be 
arrived at that will be to you satifaction while 
remaining within the rules of submission.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to 
contact me or the heralds at mailing list.

In Service to Ansteorra

Borek, Star
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