ANSTHRLD - simple device question

Teceangl tierna at
Thu Sep 7 21:15:15 PDT 2000

> My recently registered name and device are Stephen Hawkins of Eforde;
> Per bend argent and counter ermine, a rising hawk sable, a bordure
> counterchanged.
> I was just curious, because I'd heard that you could register two
> devices.  I'm not unsatisfied with mine, I posted it on the
> refrigerator for a week before submitting it to make sure I liked it
> and could live with it.  It is a bit overcomplicated and I thought a
> second with the same theme, but simpler would be handy for shields or
> heraldic clothing.

A week isn't enough.  :)
> Are badges restricted to a round shape?  Does "Argent a rising hawk
> sable, a bordure sable" conflict with anything currently registered,
> or could I attempt to register it as a badge?  I don't intend to have
> an alternate persona, I can do any activity I'm really interested
> within my current persona.

Badges are not restricted in shape and may be displayed on any armorial
shape you wish.
Yes, there's conflict.  Argent, a falcon striking sable, a bordure gules.
(Stephen Grimfalcon de Norfolk)
There's only one CD between them for tincture of the bordure.

Hrm.  What else do you like?
By the way, if you do come up with something you like better, you can make
it your device.  You submit it as a device change, and either have your
old device retained as your badge, or released from registration.  It's
an option which should have checkboxes on the submission form.
(Note that I am not an Ansteorran herald and do not know much about the
submission forms used there.)

- Teceangl

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