ANSTHRLD - simple device question

Chris Backus cbackus at
Thu Sep 7 11:59:39 PDT 2000

My recently registered name and device are Stephen Hawkins of Eforde;
Per bend argent and counter ermine, a rising hawk sable, a bordure

I was just curious, because I'd heard that you could register two
devices.  I'm not unsatisfied with mine, I posted it on the
refrigerator for a week before submitting it to make sure I liked it
and could live with it.  It is a bit overcomplicated and I thought a
second with the same theme, but simpler would be handy for shields or
heraldic clothing.

Are badges restricted to a round shape?  Does "Argent a rising hawk
sable, a bordure sable" conflict with anything currently registered,
or could I attempt to register it as a badge?  I don't intend to have
an alternate persona, I can do any activity I'm really interested
within my current persona.


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> On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Chris Backus <cbackus at> wrote:
> > I have a question.  I just registered my device.  Can I register
> > two?
> Yes.  No.  Mu.
> You can register other pieces of armory, and we call them "badges",
> and they can look just like devices, but they may or may not
> medieval practice, and I like to follow medieval practice when I
> Why do you want two devices -- A device for an alternate persona?
> A design to mark your propoerty?  A badge to mark members of your
> household?  A design for a guild?  It affects the advice I'd give.
> By the way, what are your registered name and device?
> Daniel de Lincolia
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