Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at
Mon Sep 11 21:25:41 PDT 2000

>Etienne wrote:
>>  The rumor is that the online forms will not actually be
>>  accepted by kingdom, even though they are online, because they
>>  seem a little reduced.
>Good thing I wasn't drinking anything at the time I read that.
>You woulda owed me a keyboard.

Daniel, if all I ever owe you in life were a keyboard...  I have some 
extra Macintosh ones laying around though.  Do you prefer UPS or 

>However, if you happen to have copies of the originals that
>Gwenllian sent out, and can compare them with the "slightly
>reduced" copies, I would be curious to know how much they differ
>and where.

I do not have copies in front of me nor a ruler available right now. 
But, as I remember, the entire PDF image of the forms seem to have 
about an extra 1/8" margin on all sides and the contents are "Shrunk 
to Fit" or scaled to fit within that space.  By any chance, when the 
PDF versions were made did the Acrobat writer have "Shrink to Fit" 
checked in the output options?

Seigneur Etienne (who's not sure whether to be proud for almost 
making Daniel spew on his keyboard) de St. Amaranth
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