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Tue Sep 12 08:04:18 PDT 2000

Yah, Yah... what Daniel said.  Mostly.  See below.

And please stomp this rumor into powder.  

>I do not have copies in front of me nor a ruler available right now. 
>But, as I remember, the entire PDF image of the forms seem to have 
>about an extra 1/8" margin on all sides and the contents are "Shrunk 
>to Fit" or scaled to fit within that space.  By any chance, when the 
>PDF versions were made did the Acrobat writer have "Shrink to Fit" 
>checked in the output options?

Don't know about the PDF versions.  But if what you describe is the case,
they should be fine.

The only time I've seen a problem is with one device form.  It was done
completely on a computer (the submitter works in graphics...) and then
printed on a color printer.

Now, since the submitter works in graphics, she has high grade printer,
drivers to go with it, etc.

The end result was that the form looked like it had been shrunk to 75%.
There was about 2" of blank space at the bottom, about 1-1&1/2" on the
right, etc.

I forwarded the form to Laurel with the packet for that month.  On the
form, I put a note that if it was too small, I would gladly take my copy
and make a color enlargement photocopy so that it filled the page again.  I
never heard from Laurel if it was a problem and the device passed.   And if
Laurel accepted that one...

As a kingdom officer, my only request is that you try not to cut the
tracking sections off the bottom when you make photocopies.  When it has
happened in the past, we deal - but we actually use those sections.

Mari, Bordure
(who's looking for someone to hand the job off to.  Any takers?)

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